6 Recommended Natural Tourism in Langkawi, Suitable for Family Vacations

by - January 23, 2023

 6 Recommended Natural Tourism in Langkawi, Suitable for Family Vacations 

Langkawi is one of the most famous islands in Malaysia. Because it presents a variety of complete natural beauty. Starting from mountains, beaches, lakes to forests. Various wild fauna can also be found more closely. Such as eagles and typical local animals. 

All these natural potentials, of course, are very suitable to be explored. Moreover, it is used as a family vacation spot. Because of the many natural attractions in Langkawi, it's a shame to miss it. 

If you want to go on vacation here, you can use an airplane with the Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi flight. For an easy, fast flight ticket booking process with the best price, you can order directly on the Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. 

Let's take a peek at 7 recommendations for nature tourism in Langkawi that are suitable for family holidays. 

Things To Do in Langkawi 

1. Cenang

Beaches is one of the tourist objects most often visited by visitors because of its natural beauty which is still beautiful. You and your family can enjoy the white sand along the beach. The sea water is clear and blue, making anyone want to swim or just play in the water. 

Rows of tall coconut trees with waving leaves add to the feel of the beauty of Cenang Beach on Langkawi Island, Malaysia. In addition to natural beauty, tourist facilities are also complete. Starting from surfing, jet skiing, banana boats, beach volleyball, to sunbathing facilities. 

If you are hungry, there are many cafes and restaurants that serve a variety of menus, especially seafood such as fish, shrimp and lobster. For those of you who want to relax yourself, there are also spa and massage facilities typical of Cenang Beach. 

The location of Cenang Beach is not far from Langkawi Airport. The time needed to reach the airport to Kuala Kedah Harbor is only 20 minutes. Then proceed by renting a boat to Cenang Beach. 

2. Skytrex Adventure Langkawi 

Being out in nature while trying various exciting adrenaline-pumping activities is sure to be an interesting experience. Skytrex Adventure Langkawi is a tourist spot surrounded by cool green land. Here you and your family can try various challenges such as hanging, flying, swinging, sliding with the facilities provided. 

You can also choose the level of difficulty, from easy to those that require great courage. The natural scenery of Mount Mat Cincang provides a beautiful backdrop every time you play. Being here will make visitors feel refreshed. 

3. Lake Dayang Bunting

The other destination in Langkawi that is suitable for the next family vacation is Lake Dayang Bunting. One of the largest lakes in Malaysia, has a lot of beautiful natural potential. 

If you are lucky, during the trip you will see eagles and other wildlife. Travel time is 3 hours. During that time, you are also allowed to swim here, because this lake contains fresh water. But keep in mind, always have a life jacket handy. Because the lake has a depth equivalent to 3 levels of a building. 

4. Geopark Yacht Sailing Adventure

Sailing among the many islands is sure to be fun. Along the way you and your family will see various animals such as dolphins, monkeys and also eagles. You can also stop at the beach to relax and swim. 

Eating a delicious barbecue lunch in a beautiful and quiet beach setting is sure to be an interesting experience. During the trip you can also ask for snorkeling or fishing facilities.

The price to pay to enjoy this trip starts from S$ 60.14 with a duration of 6 Hours. Geopark Yacht Sailing Adventure available on 26 Dec 2022. Geopark Yacht Sailing Adventure is located at Geopark, Jalan Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. 

5. Geopark

Mangrove Cruise while visiting Langkawi. Travel area along the northeast of Langkawi with the most beautiful sea charm in Malaysia. During the trip you and your family will be presented with views of local exotic flora and fauna, which are difficult to find elsewhere. There are also quite steep limestone cliffs and ancient temples where worship is held. 

6. Langkawi Mangrove Geopark by Kayak Are

Through a small boat, you can take a closer look at the ecosystem in Langkawi's mangroves. Down the river in the middle of a mangrove forest while rowing while looking at rare animals such as snakes, bats, eagles, lobsters, crabs, dragonflies, and monitoring lizards and long-tailed monkeys is sure to be fun. 

For this trip you have to pay starting from RM 189.72 with a duration of 6 hours. Langkawi Mangrove Geopark by Kayak available on 25 Dec 2022. Langkawi Mangrove Geopark by Kayak is located at Jalan Tanjung Rhu, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia. 

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