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Let’s set up the scenario. You might have just found the perfect wangsa maju house for sale, but the only downside is the tired and aged kitchen cabinetry. You’re probably on a tight budget, as down-payments and legal fees have left a deep mark in your pockets. So, you might be looking for an affordable yet stylish option to replace those aged relics. 

Here comes the answer to all your problems: open shelving.
Although the philosophy minimalism usually advocates for keeping things behind closed doors (or in this case, closed cabinet shelving), there’s something about the look of open shelving that beckons and entices all of us. While it may seem like a potential cluttered nightmare, there’s just something attractive about the thought of open shelving. 

Done right, open shelving can be a timeless way that can both serve to fulfill storage and display roles. However, is it really all that practical?
Read on for some reasons on why you should try out a cabinet-free look for your kitchen space.


It increases your storage options
Built-in cabinets, due to their size and measurements, often do not hold all the things we need them to hold. Although most people tend to view them as a cornucopia of storage, they can sometimes be quite awkward. For example, high upper cabinets might be harder to reach, and in some spots, the cabinets might even be fake (for example above the stove or under the sink). Then there’s also the problem of corner cabinets being too narrow to be useful. 

Open shelving helps increase your storage capabilities, while also creating a more modern and relaxed space.
It is warm and welcoming
Open shelving gives off the vibe of openness. As everything is in plain sight, this basically tells your guests to feel at home and to help themselves to whatever they need. They won’t have to ask where things are, or go rummaging through your cabinets looking, because everything is in plain view.

It makes your space look brighter and more open

Sometimes, cabinets can just end up making your kitchen space look smaller and more enclosed, especially if they take up a lot of space width- and depth-wise. Perhaps you should consider taking out the cabinets, as open shelving allow you to see through to the walls, which helps make your kitchen space look more open. You can even color the shelves the same color as your walls to make them blend in even better to allow for a seamless and airy look that is sure to help make your space feel so much bigger.

Dust and grime are normal
Dust appears anywhere, regardless of whether your cabinets are covered or exposed. While your open shelves might gather dust, you can easily just wipe it off once a month or so. You can also do this while your dishes are being cleaned. Just run a duster around your shelves every now and then. 

Don’t be afraid of your dishes becoming a catchall for dust and grime, as in practice no dish would sit on your shelf long enough to accumulate dust. You’ll be using all of your plates, bowls and glasses on your shelves so regularly that they won’t even have the time to get dusty! And if they do, it’s a sign that you’re not truly using what you have.

They are easier to organize
With a closed cabinet, often you might find that there will be a lot of wasted space in terms of what you can store. In other words, you will be constrained in what you can store by the size and shape of our cabinets. With open shelving, you will have much more room to play around with in terms of organization.

They are inexpensive
Cabinets are by no means cheap, especially if they’re made to measure. If you’re craving a whole new look for your kitchen, chances are cabinets can sometimes be cost-prohibitive. Shelves offer a better and much more economical solution. They’re easy to install and the project can be done in a day. If you’re have a way with tools, you can even make it a DIY project. So, if you have a tight budget in mind, open shelving with the perfect accents can easily transform your space into a bright and airy space that makes a big impact in terms of openness.

It can be spots for display
If you have a beautiful collection of china and dishware, why not display them proudly? Your dishes don’t only have to come out during meals and gatherings! If you’ve been keeping them behind closed cupboard doors for all this time, perhaps its time to reconsider your storage system. Open shelves can be just the perfect medium to truly give your collection their moment in the sun.

You can try it out before taking the leap
Open shelving may not be for everyone. If you’re not sure if you are ready to make such a big commitment, you can do a test run easily with just a bit of tweaking to your current kitchen set-up. You can easily remove all your cabinet doors and leave them bare to get a rough idea of what open shelving will look and feel like in your space. Test it out for a few weeks and see how you like it. You can easily put them back if you find that open shelving is just not for you.

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  1. Menarik idea ni. Banyak kebaikan guna open shelving ni rupanya.

  2. Good idea. Thanks for sharing..

  3. memang menarik open shelving ni dan mudah pasang dan buka juga kan

  4. bagus idea ni. Memang selalunya orang akan buat kabinet untuk nampak lagi kemas kan. tapi idea macam ni pon menarik jugak.

  5. good tips.. kitchen mmg penting sebab tu kena plan bebetul kalau nak tatarias


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