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Monday, 30 July 2018

Main Naa Bholunghi TV3

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Main Naa Bholunghi TV3
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Drama penuh ini berkisar tentang Shikha Gupta, seorang wanita cerdik dan berdikari. Shikha telah berkenalan dengan jejaka bernama Sameer Verma, yang merupakan seorang usahawan berjaya. Disangkakan sesuai untuk dijadikan suami, Shikha jatuh cinta lalu berkahwin dengan Sameer. Tidak lama kemudian, mereka dikurniakan dengan seorang cahaya mata. Pada mulanya, rumahtangga pasangan ini kelihatan seperti bahagia dan sempurna. Namun, Shikha langsung tidak tahu bahawa nama sebenar suaminya ialah Aditya Jagannath, dan lelaki ini mempunyai muslihatnya tersendiri. Suatu hari, Sanveer telah tunjuk belangnya, dan cuba untuk membunuh Shikha serta menculik anak mereka, Manav. Shikha bernasib baik kerana dia berjaya diselamatkan. Sejak hari itu, hati Shikha diselubungi dengan perasaan benci dan marah. Dia bernekad untuk mencari anaknya dan membalas dendam terhadap Aditya yang telah memusnahkan kehidupannya.


  • Aishwarya Sakhuja as Shikha Avinash Gupta/Samaira Seth
  • Vikas Manaktala as Sameer Verma/ Aditya Jagannath
  • Avinesh Rekhi as Neeraj Sachdeva
  • Bhuvan Chopra as Avinash Gupta
  • Rajlaxmi Solanki as Sudha Avinash Gupta
  • Pulkit Bangia as Vineet Avinash Gupta
  • Nigaar Khan as Madhurima Aditya Jagannath
  • Papiya Sengupta as Sunaina Mahanto Jagannath
  • Anang Desai as Mahanto Jagannath
  • Atul Kinagi as Jai Mahanto Jagannath
  • Garima Jain as Arya Mahanto Jagannath

Friday, 27 July 2018

Apply these updates for your second hand house

July 27, 2018 5
Apply these updates for your second hand house
Apply these updates for your second hand house

Are you interested in buying a home on your own but buying a newly developed house would be too expensive and you could not afford to buy one yet. Fret not, second hand house could be a good choice as well. There are many houses in Seremban for sale. Many people would see second hand house as being old and would much prefer buying a new house. However, you could apply some updates for your second hand house if you plan to buy one without major renovations that would break your wallet. This article will guide you through some of the updates that your house would need.

1.     1. New carpet
First of all, replace the carpet with a new carpet. A carpet will normally have an estimated of 10 years life expectancy, depending on type of carpet and other factors such as number of family members in the house and pets.

If you notice any wear and tear, stains or odors, it is a sign that you should buy a new carpet and replace the old one. If a carpet is over your budget, consider getting a rug instead. A beautiful rug can beautify the whole living room and it does not have to cost a fortune.

2.     2. New water tank
Check on the water tank to see if there is any leaking. You definitely will not want to wait until it leaks before you decide to get a new hot water tank. Hence, check on the manufacture date or the serial number of the tank to determine its age. As a rule of thumb, a water tank that has been around for approximately 10 years should be replaced.

3.    3.  Ceiling fans
A ceiling fan will normally last approximately 10 years. If you have just bought a second hand house, do consider replacing the old ceiling fans with new ceiling fans. Furthermore, with many new models of ceiling fan out there in the market, you can always take your time to choose the right ceiling fans for your house.

4.      4.Dishwasher
If there is a built in dishwasher, check if there is any crack in it. Or if the dishwasher is no longer carrying out its purpose of cleaning the dishes, do consider investing in a new dishwasher.

With so many new energy efficient models out there, you can consider investing in one and save on the electricity bills in the future.

5.      5.Garbage disposal
A garbage disposal is commonly found in the United States household and it is an electrical powered device installed under the kitchen sink, between the drain and the trap. Its main purpose is to shred food wastes intro small pieces to pass through plumbing.

If you have a garbage disposal installed, you should replace it with a new one if you notice the blades are dull and no longer working well.

6.     6. New washing machine and dryer
Both the washing machine and dryer have a life span of approximate 8 years. If the washing machine and dryer are more than 10 years, it is time to buy a set of new washing machine and dryer for hygiene purpose.

7.     7. Repaint the house
Repaint the house with colors that suit your liking. There are many painting shops around and they could even give you tips on which paint to use on different area such as the outdoors and the indoors. They might even suggest you with colors that will brighten up your house and make it looks as if your house is new.

Therefore, you should start cleaning your house and choose the right color for it. After all, the color of your house will play an important role in enhancing your mood and make your home more livable.

8.    8.  Re-cault the bathrooms
If your second hand house has been around for more than 10 years, you should re-cault the bathtub, the showers and the sinks. It is an easy job and can be done easily to make everything looks better and brighter.

Re-caulking the bathroom yourself is definitely a cheaper option as compared to replacing your bathtub with a new one, which would normally cost a bomb.

9.    9.  Glaze the windows
Glaze the windows. It is a cost effective and easy job as compared to replacing the windows with new ones. Window treatments will bring light into a room and brighten up your space.

In addition, you should also check if there is any leak or crack as well.

In conclusion, you do not need to have a big budget to create a stylish home. There are many updates that could be done easily without spending a fortune on major renovations for your second hand house. Small updates like the above will be sufficient to make your house looking new like those newly developed houses, and most importantly, it is affordable. 

5 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly

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5 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly
Did you know that there are foods you are eating every day that are killing you slowly? Most of us have a number of these foods on our menu, but if you combine all of these, you’ll get a deadly combo and you need to start making changes to your diet. So analyze what you eat and start making the right choices today. Here’s the list of 20 foods that are killing you slowly. Try to avoid or limit the intake of these foods as much as you can.
Some of these foods lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. Not to forget obesity and all the anxiety and depression that can come with it.
1.Canned Tomato Sause
5 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly
canned tomato sauce is a killer in disguise. It’s a hidden source of sugar and it would never even cross your mind that it could lead to increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even tooth decay. To avoid these issues, use fresh tomatoes to make the sauce yourself, or switch to pureed tomatoes without the extra sugar or salt and add your own spices. Or at least go for brands with less sugar and sodium.
5 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly

carbonated drinks or sodas are one of your worst enemies. They can mess up everything, from your skin, blood sugar levels, to your hormones and mood. Forget the marketing and the labels that say it’s good for you or it contains nutrients or vitamins. All it has is a bunch of sugar, food dyes and preservatives. And sugar-free versions are no better as they’re packed with harmful artificial sweeteners. Buy a blender or a juice maker and make your own juice, please. And if you miss the bubbles, you can always add your homemade fruit juice to some sparkly water, and voila!


5 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly

If you have a sweet tooth, there are much healthier ways to satisfy your cravings. Sugar is highly addictive, and other than spiking your glucose levels and creating fat, it can lead to heart disease. Avoid sugar as much as you can to decrease the risk of diabetes, cancer, obesity, heart disease, and much more. Enjoy a bowl of fruit or add honey to your recipes instead of sugar.

4.Vegetable Oil

5 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly

Vegetable oil is a part of our cuisine and we don’t even think twice about it. But some of these oils are GMO and we have no idea yet what long-term effects these products can have. Furthermore, vegetable oils contain dangerous trans-fats that can trigger cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease. Check the label and if the oil is refined, steer clear of it as it contains free radicals that can help cancer growth, speed up aging, and cause all kinds of trouble. Opt for healthy alternatives such as olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil.


5 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly

Again, marketing is to blame for the BIG misconceptions about margarine. It’s not healthy, people! It’s one of the unhealthiest foods in your diet. So cut it out! Margarine is like a very lousy version of butter that’s made with hydrogenated vegetable oils and it’s more unnatural than you think. It’s pure chemistry. So what’s so bad about it? It’s the trans fats that can damage your heart, blood vessels, and mess up your cholesterol levels.  Switch to butter for a healthier alternative. Other healthy alternatives are olive oil and avocado oil that you can spread on your bread. Just please avoid margarine!

Credit to Healthy And Pretty

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Petua Cili Blender Tahan Lama

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Petua Cili Blender Tahan Lama
Petua Cili Blender Tahan Lama| Mesti ramai yang dah tahu kan petua cili blender tahan lama,tapi kak lin nak share juga cara kak lin simpan cili blender ni,kadang-kadang cara kita masak tak sama kan.

Kak lin memang setiap minggu mesti buat stok cili ni,senang nak masak,paling malas sebenarnya nak buat rencah-rencah ni..itu yang lambat kan...sebenarnya masak ni kejap je,tapi tempoh penyediaan tu yang makan masa..

Memang sesuai sangat lah pada korang yang malas tu...haha ,sama kes la kita ni..sebab tu buat stok awal-awal...(sebenarnya nak buat stok ni pun kena ada mood rajin jugak)

Sepaket cili kering dibasuh dan direbus
Toskan dan buang biji
Blender halus(letak minyak setengah cawan)
Bawang merah dan putih tu ikut korang lah nak letak
Kak lin hanya blender lada sahaja.

**Bahan Penting

Letak asam keping dua tiga keping  tak perlu cuci..tujuan garam dan  asam ni utk pastikan stok kita tak mudah rosak atau cepat masam..

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Mengawal Selera Makan Dengan Kitsui Royal Lpo

July 22, 2018 4
Mengawal Selera Makan Dengan Kitsui Royal Lpo

Mengawal Selera Makan Dengan Kitsui Royal Lpo|  Hai korang,hari ni kak lin nak cerita tentang produk Kitsui iaitu Royal Lpo...

Apa tu??hah pada yang tertanya-tanya tentang produk ni,kak lin akan terangkan dan cerita tentang pengalaman kak lin setelah mengamalkan Royal Lpo ni..

Sejujurnya kak lin memang dah jatuh cinta dengan keberkesanan produk ini..ibarat kata pepatah tak kenal maka tak cinta,sebab tu kak lin nak recommended pada korang produk Kitsui Royal Lpo ni.

Mengawal Selera Makan Dengan Kitsui Royal Lpo

Kitsui Royal Lpo ni sesuai untuk kita-kita yang kuat makan ...ye kuat makan...maaf agak kasar sikit hehe,macam kak lin ni kan memang selera makan agak besar tau,lepas makan nak makan lagi,contohnya lepas lunch tu mesti ada je yang kak lin nak makan,pisang goreng,keropok lekor semuanya makanan yang berminyak dan agak tidak sihat.

Bila badan rasa berat kak lin risau sangat,yelah seluar dan baju semua dah mula ketat,bertambah serious masa bulan syawal haritu,alahai memang tak boleh nak kawal langsung lah selera makan ni..

kak lin terus tergerak hati nak cuba Kitsui Royal Lpo,dah lama sebenarnya nak beli sebab banyak feedback yang best-best tentang Royal Lpo ni.


Mengawal Selera Makan Dengan Kitsui Royal Lpo

Taraaaa....yeay kak lin dah cuba Kitsui Royal Lpo,masa mula-mula ingat tak sedap..ehhh...rasa mangga la uolllssss...sebiji rasa jus mangga..wallah memang sedap giler hehe..klu camni rasa dia,macam nak minum je 2-3 kali sehari..satu paket ada 15 sachet..sehari sekali je tau,selepas sarapan.

Mengawal Selera Makan Dengan Kitsui Royal Lpo

Nampak tak wajah gembira tu...haha,sempat lagi nak selfi sambil minum Royal Lpo..pada korang yang masih ragu-ragu tu cepatlah beli sebelum terlambat,alhamdulilah kak lin berpuas hati dengan produk ni,selera makan dah semakin berkurangan,makan yang perlu sahaja..dan insyaallah kak lin nak amalkan Kitsui Royal Lpo ni agar kak lin dapat berat badan yang ideal dengan cara yang selamat..jom dapatkan segera di watson,guardian,lazada dan shopee.

Cara Bancuh:

-150 ml Air Suam
-1 Sachet Kitsui Royal Lpo
-Shake-shake sampai sebati tau
-Segera minum sampai habis

Kandungan Kitsui Royal Lpo:

Campuran Minuman Botani
  • Mango
  • Green Coffe
  • African mango
  • Hoodia

Mengawal Selera Makan Dengan Kitsui Royal Lpo

Kelebihan Mengamalkan Kitsui Royal Lpo:

  • Melambatkan proses pertukaran karbohidrat kepada lemak
  • Mengawal/mengurangkan selera makan
  • Mempercepatkan rasa kenyang
  • Badan anda akan lebih sihat selepas pengambilan kerana minuman ini juga mengandungi anti-oksida.
  • Membakar lemak
  • Mengurangkan tekanan darah, kolesterol dan gula dalam darah
  • Kurang sakit-sakit pada otot dan sendi badan
  • Pernafasan menjadi lebih baik
  • Mengurangkan risiko diabetes
Untuk maklumat lanjut korang boleh tengok kat sini:

Facebook page: Kitsui My
Instagram: kitsuimalaysia

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Hidup Lebih Sihat Dengan Kitsui Belloss Fiber

July 18, 2018 26
Hidup Lebih Sihat Dengan Kitsui  Belloss Fiber
Hidup Lebih Sihat Dengan Kitsui  Belloss Fiber|  Hari ahad yang lepas kak lin ke watson dan luangkan masa hampir sejam dalam tu,tak taulah kenapa kalau dah masuk memang tak boleh nak move on...ada je yang menarik hati nak membeli di watson tu...biasanya kak lin akan tengok-tengok produk kecantikan dan macam-macam lagi lah..banyak giler lah pilihan yang best-best sampai rambang mata dibuatnya..

Hidup Lebih Sihat Dengan Kitsui  Bellos Fiber

Tengah jalan-jalan tu mata terpandang di satu sudut yang semuanya produk KITSUI...wah teruja sekejap sebab kak lin banyak dengar feedback dari kawan-kawan yang menggunakan produk KITSUI dan semuanya berkesan..sebut sahaja masalah korang,semuanya ada..nak yang putihkan kulit ada,masalah jerawat pun ada..masalah dalaman wanita pun ada tau.

Kak lin tertarik nak cuba Bellos Fiber sebab badan dah rasa berat dan mengah...paling tak best bahagian pinggang tu dah ketat...susah nak kancing seluar uolssss...huwaaa...tu yang kak lin terus beli Bellos Fiber dan Royal Lpo.(Nanti kak lin update sini bila dah review Royal Lpo)

Hidup Lebih Sihat Dengan Kitsui  Bellos Fiber

Malamnya kak lin terus cuba Belloss Fiber ni,tak sabar sangat nak tau hasilnya..tapi pastikan korang minum air banyak ye..ianya untuk melancarkan segala proses pelawasan..lepas 8 jam minum...haa ..ambek ko terasa nak membuang sangat hehehe...paling best semua benda terkeluar,tak de sikit2 keluarnya,memang clear habislah,lagi satu perut tak rasa memulas-mulas... leganya rasa bila usus dah bersih ....rasa ringan sangat perutnya,serta merta terus kempis perut kak lin ni.

Hidup Lebih Sihat Dengan Kitsui  Bellos Fiber


  • menghindarkan penyerapan lemak berlebihan dan karbohidrat
  • mencuci toxin dan sisa buangan dan lemak yang tidak diingini dari badan
  • seimbangkan fungsi badan dan untuk sistem imuniti yang lebih kuat
  • sebagai pengganti kepada buahan dan sayurann yang kaya dengan mineral dan nutrien

Cara minum:
  • Campurkan 1 paket kedalam 150ml air suam, kacau sehingga larut dan minum serta merta. Minum air secukupnya untuk kesan yang terbaik. 

Dos yang dicadangkan:

  • Untuk Detox dan kesihatan badan:
  • 1 paket sekali setiap 2 hari selepas makan

Untuk turunkan berat badan dan sembelit:
  • 1 paket sekali setiap hari sebelum makan

Sedap ke Belloss Fiber??

  • Ramai yang bertanya sedap ke tidak,biasanya produk detox ni agak payah nak minum sebab rasanya yang tak sedap tu...JANGAN RISAUUUU.... Kitsui Belloss Fiber  memang sedap dan boleh diminum begitu saja...kak lin boleh minum tanpa rasa risau sebab ianya rasa buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran...bau pun tak meloyakan..cubalah beli baru uolss tau kehebatan Belloss Fiber ni.

Hidup Lebih Sihat Dengan Kitsui  Bellos Fiber

Semua produk KITSUI mudah didapati di Watson,Guardian dan sekarang ni Lazada dan shopee pun ada tau..semuanya hanya dihujung jari.Harga pulak memang mampu milik hanya RM 30.++ untuk satu produk...memang berbaloi sangat-sangat.


Kurus Tanpa Rasa Terseksa Dengan Kitsui  Bellos Fiber

Kurus Tanpa Rasa Terseksa Dengan Kitsui  Bellos Fiber

Untuk maklumat lanjut korang boleh tengok kat sini:

Facebook page: Kitsui My
Instagram: kitsuimalaysia

Monday, 9 July 2018

Induction Cooker Kena Ada Satu Di Setiap Rumah

July 09, 2018 9
Induction Cooker Kena Ada Satu Di Setiap Rumah
Induction Cooker Kena Ada Satu Di Setiap Rumah|  Sebelum kak lin bercerita dengan lebih panjang lagi kak lin nak nasihatkan korang agar tidak terpengaruh dengan godaan kak lin ni...hehe...korang baca sambil tutup mata eh...haha...mengarut je kak lin ni kan..

Kenapa setiap rumah perlu ada induction cooker ni??

Pada pendapat kak lin lah kan...pentingnya ada satu induction cooker ini adalah kerana

  • Kalau tetiba gas korang habis takdelah korang panik,lagi-lagi time tu korang tengah nak cepat..kalau nak call orang gas pun bukan segera dia boleh datang kan..
  • Dapurnya ringan...boleh sesuka hati nak alih2 kat mana pun..biasalah sindrom mak2 suka alih sana sini.
  • Pemanasan sekata..kalau on kipas pun api tak padam...xdelah peluh berjurai time memasak tu..
  • Ada timer,senang nak tinggal menyapu ke mandi ke apa ke kan...
  •  Paling best bontot kuali korang tak hitam haha..

Induction Cooker Kena Ada Satu Di Setiap Rumah

 Inilah rupa induction cooker tu...cantik dan bergaya moden kan...sesuai sangat lah untuk kita sebab kita orang perempuan ni suka benda yang cantik2 kan..semangat lah sikit nak duduk dapur masak-masak.

Induction Cooker Kena Ada Satu Di Setiap Rumah

Ada timer,senang nak tetapkan masa,hanya tekan ON dan tekan je apa yang korang perlukan..ada button Fry untuk menggoreng,Warm untuk panaskan lauk dan Hot Pot yang macam ala2 sizzling tu..
pastu kan tempat pemegang kuali tu tak panas pun kalau kita pegang..rasa suam2 je gitu..tapi kak lin tetap guna kain jugak...haha kes takut teruk...padahal tak de apa pun.

Induction Cooker Kena Ada Satu Di Setiap Rumah

Kak lin test goreng nasi..letak je minyak tak berapa saat je dah panas...yeay...cepat masaknya dan kadar pemanasan sekata..boleh ejas suhu ikut suka hati kita..tekan je button - dan + tu...
kak lin suka panaskan lauk dan merebus atau mengukuss...cepat dan jimat masa tau..jangan risau tentang kenaikkan bil elektrik korang sebab kak lin dah kaji dan ianya biasa2 ajer...kalau naik pun sikit aje sis..tak yah risau sangat ok..

Induction Cooker Kena Ada Satu Di Setiap Rumah
Kuali Mr Diy

Kata orang dapur induction ni tak boleh guna sembarangan dan cookware nya harga mahal-mahal..eh xdelah sis...jangan risau jugak sebab kak lin dah jumpa penyelesaian korang...korang pegi MR DIY dan cari kuali kat atas ni...tak mahal pun dalam RM 51.80 je harga dia...pulak tu kuali ni memang best lah...memang great performance lah...malah...ini adalah antara kuali kesayangan kak lin...tak yahlah nak beli yang beratus-ratus harganya...sedangkan yang ni pun dah terbaik...cuma kena jaga baik-baik lah ye..jangan semua benda yang tajam korang guna kat kuali ni...kuali mahal pun rosak kalau korang guna ganas.

Induction Cooker Kena Ada Satu Di Setiap Rumah

Hah..tengok tu tak hitam pun bontot kuali kak lin hehe..korang cari yang bawahnya gini untuk induction cooker...kalau kuali biasa tu memang dia tak detect lah..
Harga induction cooker tu dalam RM 200 jugalah...tengok jenama juga...dan biasanya dapat freegift periuk..korang boleh cari yang murah...banyak sangat pilihan kat shopee dan lazada..